Enrich your customer engagements with a quick, reliable and scalable SMS API

Deliver text messages to 225 countries through a cost-effective and programmable single API to harness the power of SMS


Notify customers in real-time with updates, reminders and alerts in a timely, secure and reliable way

  • Wide API

    Wide API

    Wide API coverage to send transactional messages via HTTP, HTTPS, SMPP, XML.

  • Long & Short Codes

    Long & Short Codes

    Use dedicated long-codes or short-codes for high brand recall and measure effectiveness with messaging insights and link tracking

  • Timely SMS Delivery

    Timely SMS Delivery

    Send critical messages with assured timely deliveries easily with our SMS API

  • Maximum Reach

    Maximum Reach

    Support for long messages, Unicode for special characters and regional languages to maximize reach

  • Global 2FA

    Global 2FA

    Secure transactions with two-factor authentication and one-time-passwords

  • Reliable SMS Messaging

    Reliable SMS Messaging

    Reliable and scalable platform that handles billions of transactions every month globally

Engage customers through seamless automation and start building solutions with our Messaging API

  • We can scale with you

    Whether you need thousands or millions of messages, our SMS API ensures the timely delivery. Add more channels such as MMS, WhatsApp, and more using the same single API

  • High volume worldwide support

    No matter where your customer is, we can deliver SMS through our direct connections with carriers that are fully scalable for high volume traffic

  • Developer friendly

    Receive and send SMS via our API built with codes or with our ready-to-use Global SMS API

  • Global reach with enterprise reliability

    Help enterprises engage across channels worldwide with direct carrier connections

  • One platform, multiple channels

    A single API to access every communication channel your customers use

  • World-class support and Regulatory Compliance

    24/7 support for you and your team built for international laws and regulations

The Gupshup Advantage for SMS



  • Opt-ins
  • Forms
  • Payment messages

Advanced APIs

  • 2-factor authentication, KYC
  • Lead gen journeys, Customer feedback journeys
  • EMI Collections journey
  • Custom forms based on business requirements

Secure Messaging

  • Protect sensitive customer information with captcha, 3-factor authentication and other security measures
  • Gupshup is ISO 27001 certified & GDPR compliant company that supports the SSL Encryption technique TLS 1.2 256 bit AES.
  • SMS Blast

    SMS Blast

    Send SMS alerts to a large number of people instantly

  • 2-Way SMS

    2-Way SMS

    Have text conversations with non-tech customers

  • Send Links

    Send Links

    Bring customers to your Website/App/WhatsApp channel