Personalize Marketing At Scale

Talk your customers through the marketing funnel

Conversational Marketing

Take your customers through the marketing funnel via a series of personalized conversational experiences on messaging apps, across physical and digital surfaces

Conversational Marketing is customer-centric and helps you take them through the sales funnel via personalized conversational experiences. This could be via messaging apps on physical or digital mediums.


  • Marketing Entry Points

    Marketing Entry Points

    Start a conversation with your customers from any physical surface via QR-code or 1-way messaging with a URL

  • AI-powered Marketing Chatbots

    AI-powered Marketing Chatbots

    Lead generation, lead nurturing and lead conversion becomes frictionless. Deploy them on any messaging app like WhatsApp

  • P2P Messaging-based Marketing Tools

    P2P Messaging-based Marketing Tools

    For smaller databases with SMS and WhatsApp

  • A2P Messaging-based Marketing Tools

    A2P Messaging-based Marketing Tools

    For larger databases through IP messaging channels, e-mail, SMS, and Voice

  • Conversational Advertising

    Conversational Advertising

    QR-code enabled chatbots that can convert physical surfaces into conversational interfaces

  • Integrations


    Integrate leads into CRM, ORM, Social Media , marketing automation tools and 3rd party databases

Use Cases

Bot default
  • Conversational advertising

    Scan a billboard QR code to chat with a marketing bot

  • SMS-based lead gen

    Receive an SMS which opens into a WhatsApp lead capture bot

  • Cross-sell

    Receive a recommendation along with a payment notification on WhatsApp


  • Create a powerful entry point for your brand on a physical surface, website, app or SMS

  • Leverage AI-powered marketing chatbots, driven by data, to personalize interactions

  • Measure conversions, lead quality, lead capture, ratio of visitors and engagement on all messages