The World's Leading Conversational Messaging Platform

Gupshup makes it easy for customers to chat with businesses, the way they would with family and friends

Our Vision

  • To create a world where businesses and consumers interact and transact through conversations

Our Mission

  • Build the most advanced and comprehensive conversational messaging platform which enables large and small businesses and developers to build rich conversational experiences on messaging apps

What We Do

We’re creating a world where businesses and consumers interact and transact through conversations. Gupshup enables better customer engagement through conversational messaging. We are the leading conversational messaging platform, powering over 7 billion messages per month. Across verticals, thousands of large and small businesses in emerging markets use Gupshup to build conversational experiences across marketing, sales and support

  • Our carrier-grade Conversational Messaging Platform provides a single messaging API for 30+ channels, a rich AI-powered conversational experience-building tool kit for any use case

  • We bring you a network of market partnerships across messaging channels, device manufacturers, ISVs, regional partners and telcos

  • With Gupshup, businesses have made conversations an integral part of their customer engagement success

Our Journey

Launched SMS platform
One of the largest messaging platforms in India.

Launched Teamchat app, the first app with smart messaging capabilities
Launch partner with FBM; Launched APIs for Slack, Telegram, etc

Launched bot platform, bot builder tools
Launch partner with WhatsApp

Conversational AI; on-device Al launched
$150m exit-ARR; Expanded to a dozen countries; Launched Gupshup Messaging 50k+

bots built on platform
Massive investment and expansion underway