Omnichannel customer support to manage all your customers from a single place

Resolve support queries faster over the customers’ preferred channels

Agent Assist Platform

Address customer queries, check order information, provide delivery status, book appointments and much more with the agent assist dashboard

140+ customers

leverage agent assist dashboard

4.3 Million+

average monthly conversations

Delight your customers with a more consistent, and highly personalized omnichannel customer support experience


Seamless Integrations

  • Easily integrate with bots across channels including WhatsApp, messenger, GBM, Web widgets and other third party tools such as external databases, CRMs and help desks across industries

Intelligent Routing

  • Enable Smart routing of chats to serve your specific business needs including round robin, user and agent binding to connect customers to specific agents

Enhance Productivity

  • Improve agent productivity by helping them to manage incoming traffic with waiting areas, custom standard responses and much more

Powerful Analytics

  • Provide valuable insights to admins and managers to track all ongoing and incoming chats across different platforms in real-time

Features of Agent Assist Dashboard

  • Configurable APIs and integrations

    APIs to integrate with third-party CRMs, helpdesks and databases such as Leadsquared, Zendesk, freshdesk, salesforce, sugarCRM, Zoho

  • Advanced reporting and insights

    Agent productivity reports, Conversations-based reports, Downloadable summary

  • Chat routing

    Automatic round-robin allocation for incoming chats. Customer and agent mapping. Customer to department mapping

  • Productivity tools

    Bot to live agent handover, Waiting area and chat concurrency limits, Context management with tagging and history, and Custom standard auto-responses

Benefits of Agent Assist Dashboard

  • Unified view of Customers

    Single dashboard across multiple channels including WhatsApp, FB messenger, Instagram, GBM, web widgets

  • Contextual engagement

    Provide agents with more context on the incoming user by fetching business-specific information from CRM and helpdesk tools right inside the agent dashboard

  • Solve for customer problems

    Enable agents to understand customer pain points better by leveraging in-depth analytics of the conversations between agent and the customer

  • Analytics powered insights

    Provide a better customer experience and assess agent performance with metrics such as total conversations, conversations per day, busiest time, busiest day, first response time,and average resolution time